We aim to close the housing gap by investing in early stage founders bringing
breakthrough technology to one of the world’s
largest but least innovative industries:

construction & housing.

The growing problem

An estimated 3 billion people will be living without access to adequate shelter by 2030 —
doubling the current number in a single decade.

Reducing cost
Decreasing time
Increasing quality

We invest in double-bottom line startups that reduce costs, increase speed, and improve quality across the construction value chain. We started Hometeam to address the affordable housing crisis with innovation, thereby creating:

more safe housing globally.

We were catalyzed by the founders of New Story, a nonprofit pioneering solutions to end global homelessness. We leverage our top-tier relationships in AEC to help extraordinary founders actualize their dream of building solutions and changing lives.

Alexis Ohanian

Founder, Reddit | Initialized Capital

“I’ve known the founders for over five years, I’ve seen the 3D-printed community in-person, and I could not be
more supportive of their leadership
and vision.”

Michelle Sol

Minister of Housing, El Salvador

“Alexandria helped me deliver housing for my people when I was Mayor of Nuevo Cuzcatlan. When I became Minister of Housing for the country, I contacted them right away.”

Evan Loomis

Co-Founder, ICON

"Allie and Brett believed in our vision from the beginning, and above being our first investors, they worked side-by-side with us to secure government partnerships, later-stage investors, and press opportunities."

The opportunity

Global construction is one of the world's largest markets: valued at $12.6T in 2018 and expected to grow to $18.8T by 2022. However, it's one of the least digitized sectors, second only to farming. 

Currently, the building industry invests less than .5% of its value into R+D. We want to invest more to bring breakthrough innovations to those who need them most.

We enable portfolio companies to disrupt each phase of the construction value chain with the end goal:

to cut housing costs by half.


Alexandria Lafci

Managing Director| Co-Founder

Alexandria was a Co-Founder & COO of New Story and formerly led their Field Operations and R&D team. As Managing Director of Hometeam fund, Alexandria leverages a decade of experience in affordable housing, construction management, selling to governments, and adapting technology to new markets. Alexandria grew up in Section 8 housing, is a  Y-Combinator alum, Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Award winner, and Forbes 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur.

Brett Hagler

Co-Founder | CEO, New Story

Brett coordinates the key strategic relationships between the fund and New Story, raises brand awareness, and works with Alexandria to invest in extraordinary founders. Brett is a cancer survivor, Forbes 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur, Y-Combinator alum, and was named one of the Top 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs by Goldman Sachs. Brett served on DocuSign’s Advisory Board leading to their IPO and has made investments in hard to access startups led by elite venture investors.

Julieta Moradei


Julieta drives dealflow and operations of the Hometeam fund. Previously, she was  Head of R+D at New Story and an engineer at Arup. At New Story, she formed 50+ partnerships with key academic and industry leaders to pioneer groundbreaking solutions for affordable housing. She has an M.S. in engineering from UC Berkeley and postponed her HBS MBA to build Hometeam. Her industry research focuses on circular economy, automated drone inspection, resiliency, and sustainability.  


Hometeam's Limited Partners are leaders in the construction, technology, and social impact sectors
Autodesk Foundation
Alpaca VC
Motley Fool Ventures
Pete Flint
Founder, Trulia | Partner, NFX
Michael Seibel
President, Y Combinator
Casey Crawford
CEO, Movement Mortgage
Chris Weekley
Executive VP, Weekley Homes
Kristian Anderson
Founder, High Alpha
Henry Kaestner
Sovereign's Capital
Craig Russell
Senior Executive, Walt Disney Imagineering
Jim Bildner
CEO, DRK Foundation
Mike Arrieta
CEO, Garden City Companies
Dao Harrison
Via de la Vista Investment
Cliff Benson
American Homesmith
Jason Green
Founder, Emergence
"We’re excited to provide funding, technology, and talent to support Hometeam on its journey to alleviating global homelessness through technology innovations in the AEC industry.”
Autodesk Foundation

hyper focus

Our network and experience drive our singular focus toward one mission: affordable housing and construction.

Years of practicing in the AEC industry give us strong insight into whether a technology can make a difference.

To bring innovation to the construction industry we have identified six market-driven categories for investment: BIM & Digital twins, Finance, Project & Job Site Management, Supply Chain Optimization, Industrialized Construction (3D printing, modular, prefab), Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

track record:

Invested and built the world's first 3D printed community

New Story, a nonprofit in the affordable housing sector founded by Alexandria and Brett, invested in ICON 3D Technologies pre-seed in 2017. Together, they worked to create a proof of concept house in Austin, Texas, which was revealed in early 2018 as the first permitted 3D printed home in the world. The feat created global attention, generating over one billion media impressions.

By 2019, New Story and Hometeam Ventures co-founders, Alexandria and Brett, worked with ICON to produce a high-impact, first-of-a-kind community of 3D printed homes in Mexico. This showcase of ICON’s technology supported the company’s growth, public profile, recruiting, and Series A fundraise. Most importantly, the project is a case study in the business opportunity of using emerging technology for significant, pressing needs.

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