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Our Team

Alexandria Lafci

Founder + Managing Partner


Andra Stanciu

Research Fellowship Manager

Andra is a trained architect and has a second masters degree in economics and urban development: innovation and entrepreneurship. Throughout her activity as a consultant within the construction & development field, she's worked on various projects on three continents and collaborated with a diverse network of actors: governments, local municipalities, investment funds, real estate developers, constructors, and designers. She co-founded SAAM Stad, a consultancy company advancing innovation for better cities. Andra is part of the European Union’s Experts for the European Green Deal. Additionally, she is a member of the Women2Invest Community, an initiative funded by the European Union supporting women within the venture investment world. She is passionate about shaping better living environments that are accessible to each one of us. In her free time she loves traveling, doing yoga, and exploring the world by trying different cuisines.

Brett Hagler

Advisor + Co-founder


Hometeam Fellows: Past + Present

Ara Keuroghlian

Los Angeles

Chirayu Lodha


Corianne Rice

Washington D.C.

Derek Chen

Durham, North Carolina

Elaouenn Ollivier


Grace Brill


Graham Thiel

San Fracisco

Harshita Pilla

San Francisco

Jess Annabelle

Durham, North Carolina

Lourdes Dominguez

San Francisco

Luisa Mendes Brasil

Los Angeles

Matt Weinman


Micaela Hoffman


Ram Ramisetti


Sahil Tadwalkar

San Francisco

Shakthi Dhar Reddy

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Simi Ibikunle

New York City