We invest in the future of construction and housing.


AI-powered software that converts aerial data into CAD models using computer vision and machine learning.
A bidding and quoting automation tool for agency reps of construction product distributors and manufacturers.
A steel framing system that snaps together, making building structure installation safer, cheaper, and 15x faster.
SaaS consumer-focused end-to-end residential real estate platform that facilitates traditional real estate transactions digitally in Latin America.
A B2B SaaS platform for commercial real estate professionals — developers, investors, and brokers — to discover, understand, and access real estate development incentives.
Consumer-facing FinTech app used by property owners and managers to offer highly personalized incentives to turn their tenants into long-term renters.
A SaaS platform that helps both the supply and demand sides to find, analyze, and buy high-performance sustainable products for buildings.
An automated underwriting and market intelligence platform built for real estate developers to make optimal decisions without expensive consultants.
Makes it easy for homeowners with large lots to generate income by splitting and selling a portion of their lot utilizing new regulations with Senate Bill 9 (SB9). 
Automated accounts payable platform that uses AI to manages project workflows: identifies invoices from emails, processes payments, and reconciles expenses with project budgets.
A platform for foremen that uses historic jobsite data and AI to predict missed deadlines, scheduling errors for people and machinery, and more.